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Our expertise is creative online communications.

Whether setting a strategic road map for social success, ideating big moment campaigns, or creating content that drives stellar engagement, we help build communities and share stories in the digital space.

We tailor our work to the individual client - and brand goals - but one thing remains constant: to every project we bring creative minds, fresh perspective and endless energy.


Our Team

Amy VanHaren Headshot


Amy is a social media specialist with over 15 years experience in creative communications, social media, digital marketing, branding, PR and editorial. She formed VanHaren Creative in 2012 out of a passion for telling brand stories in creative ways and empowering organizations to find their social voice.

Amy has developed successful social strategies for clients such as Patagonia Provisions, Amy's Kitchen, Vistaprint, Pukka Herbs, Stonyfield, and Orgain. She specializes in telling compelling stories through social platforms that break new molds, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Amy has in-depth experience in the organic food & health lifestyle space.

A born writer, Amy holds an MFA from the University of New Hampshire and is relentless in the pursuit of great content creation.

Amy is also a vivacious collaborator and "creative enabler", bringing her enthusiasm and optimism to every email, conference call, and late night brainstorm session. She has been called a living sponge, a keen observer of environment - because you never know where the good stuff comes from - and she remains a constant digital enthusiast. Amy embraces a good challenge and the ability to tell visual, emotional stories without being confined to old formats, olden days of marketing, or old states of mind.

When not dreaming up tweets, infographics, and hashtags, Amy spends her time in Maine and Northern California with her two children, navigating life on the fly as an entrepreneur and mother. She's also the founder of pumpspotting, a social app that connects breastfeeding women over milk, motherhood, and the best places to nurse and pump. 

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Jesse baines 

Jesse's keen eye for a good story and great content shine particularly brightly through the lens of the things she loves most: family, community, thoughtful food, and playing outdoors. Her work and volunteer experiences mirror this lifelong Mainer's appreciation of our connection with the natural world –– conservation, organic farming practices, sustainable fisheries, the creative economy, and historic communities are threaded through Jesse's fifteen years of writing and content marketing experience.  

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Holistic Health plays a strong role in Sarah’s lifestyle and work. After graduating from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, her career path has allowed her to embrace passion for organic living: nurturing health, natural foods and being active in the outdoors. Her creative mind dwells in photography and event planning. Being crafty and innovative in her personal life allows her to blossom in her work.

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Allie is an outdoor enthusiast and illustrator, fueled by organic coffee and inspired by nature and community. Allie's positive vibes, talent, and creative spirit grow and define her relationships, and she has a knack for developing them thoroughly and thoughtfully, whether through digital media, at events, or while loading up at her local coffee shop. This honorary Mainer, born and raised in Puerto Rico, is an unstoppable addition to the VHC team. 

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