How to Write Content - A Visual Guide

Being a visual learner, I am a big fan of infographics.

In fact, I've been a fan of them long before they found their way into digital discourse. I was doodling them while note taking with four color pens in Mr. Rundquist's biology class and never stopped. I still fill notebooks with variations today: a box around a word here, an image to emphasize something key there, new'd be surprised how well it helps organize thoughts and spur creativity.

There are many valuable infographics out there to tell you when the best time to post on Facebook is and what resonates on Instagram most and how to create a good website. There are even Game of Thrones infographics.

In my inbox this week, however, there was a lovely infographic by Ann Handley about creating content.

What could be better than using a visual chart to chart how to write?

From re-framing to relate to your readers to writing to one person, there are some great pointers in it and a simple process to follow for success.

Check out The Writing GPS and share your best tips for the content creation process. (Or your favorite infographic; I welcome both!)